Strategic Weight Training for High Performance Athletes DVD SKU: 18954

Strategic Weight Training for High Performance Athletes is a cutting edge DVD packed with an arsenal of powerful training techniques for accelerating results. And it overdelivers on every level. More than just building strength and size, this innovative Video and Action Guide show you how to develop coordination, reactions, speed, agility, and explosiveness that directly target sprinting, jumping, and basic skills used in competitive sports. Athletes at different skill levels demonstrate the exercises, so you learn essential lifting mechanics, how to identify and correct the causes of errors, and specifically how the lifts boost sport performance. Key points from across the sport sciences are summed up and applied, so you can command a wide variety of solid tools for designing individualized, sport-specific programs. Plus, the ADVISER Sports Training Model is the only step-by-step guide that puts weight training in sync with other activities so you can progress more directly and faster toward targeted sport goals. These hands-on techniques presented in user-friendly terms have been leveraged by young athletes to Olympians and professionals. The Action Guide adds more examples, practical tips, graphics, and resources for designing transfer-targeted programs to help athletes reach their greatest potential. With the knowledge and tools provided, you can get the best results, in the shortest time, most economically--for a huge winning edge over the competition! Video running time: 77 minutes. Action Guide: 92 pages.


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